Crimson – Gord Rollo

imageCrimson is a tough one to review for me. After reading Rollo’s fantastic The Jigsaw Man, I couldn’t wait to dive into this one. Out of all the great books that I read in 2014, Jigsaw Man was tied for my absolute favorite. The writing was crisp, the characters were three-dimensional and fully fleshed out, and Rollo made an unbelievable story completely believable. Jigsaw Man was also his second novel. Crimson was his first and it shows. Gord’s fantastic writIng style is still there. But, you can tell he was still cutting his teeth. The characters didn’t feel fully developed and the story had the feel of a puzzle that was put together with the wrong pieces and were made to fit even when they didn’t. Don’t get me wrong. There are still some great ideas explored in Crimson. Unfortunately, all of those ideas didn’t make for a great, cohesive story. I’m going to chalk this up as Rollo learned many things between writing Crimson and Jigsaw Man. If the progression between #2 and #3 as it was for #1 and #2, then the third story of his should be lights out.

3 stars out of 5

Published by Into The Macabre

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One thought on “Crimson – Gord Rollo

  1. Thanks for the review. It’s fair and I completely agree. This book is definitely not as polished as some of my other efforts but I’m still quite pleased with it. It’s strange but people who read it before reading some of my other more hardcore horror books (THE JIGSAW MAN, PEELER) tend to like it far more than those who have read my harder stuff and then seek out CRIMSON. I think some people tend to expect a harder, nastier read then they get and that’s fair too. It’s just that CRIMSON was never meant to be that type of hardcore horror book. I wrote it way before that, back when Freddy Krueger was king, and always intended the book to be a bit more tongue in cheek than my other books. I’ve actually been going back through the novel lately, getting ready to re-release it soon. Hopefully people will give it a chance. It’s definitely not JIGSAW, but hopefully it’s still a fun, entertaining read. Cheers, and thanks for your continued support!

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