Morbid Anatomy – Tim Curran


A must read for fans of Lovecraft’s Herbert West – Reanimator or of Stuart Gordon’s wonderful movie adaptation from the 1980s. Haven’t read Lovecraft’s story? No problem. Curran includes that with Morbid Anatomy. Morbid Anatomy is a continuation of Lovecraft’s original story as we follow West to the muddy sludge-filled trenches littered with bloated decomposed bodies of Europe during World War I. Most of the story’s viewpoint is told by Creel, an American journalist who is attracted to the death and destruction war brings. Being assigned near West’s outfit gives Creel more than he bargains for. Curran weaves a blood drenched and maggot infested tale of life on the front lines in rich detail along with West’s special concoction that bring the dead back to life. Detailed descriptions have always been Tim’s calling card and he doesn’t back off the throttle with Morbid Anatomy. The only down side, for me, was that the story didn’t evolve more and I wanted more from Herbert West’s POV. Morbid Anatomy is still a fun journey where you’ll feel like you’re wading through the putrid stench of decomposing corpses. Enjoy!

4 stars out of 5

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