Sparrow Rock – Nate Kenyon

imagePete and his high school friends are looking for a place to party. One of he girls in the group, Sue, suggests that they use her grandpa’s newly built bomb shelter. She knows the code to get in. Once inside, a thunderous noise from the outside shakes the shelter. As Pete looks out of the hatch to see what the commotion is, mushroom clouds fill the horizon and the nightmare begins.

Sparrow Rock is an emotionally-charged entertaining read. It’s strength is its realistic and flawed characters that are developed and revealed throughout the story. As the danger ratchets up, Kenyon does a nice job taking us along for the ride. You feel like you’re in the bomb shelter with the group trying to figure out what to do next. You can almost taste the metallic ash of the fallout, smell the foul odors and feel the tension in the air. The ending wasn’t my favorite and it’s the only thing that keeps the story from being a full five stars. But, Kenyon does such a wonderful job painting the story and characters with such vibrant colors, you realize that Sparrow Rock is more about the journey and not the destination.

4 1/2 stars out of 5

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