NOS4A2 – Joe Hill


I finished NOS4A2 just in time for the holidays and Joe Hill gave me a wonderful Xmas present. Hill’s strong suit has always been flawed characters that can carry a story into the world of fantastic and NOS4A2 continues on with that tradition.

The tale starts out by introducing us to an 8-year-old Vic (Victoria) McQueen, aka The Brat who discovers a unique talent she has while running away from her fighting parents. It seems that young Vic can summon a dilapidated covered bridge to appear while she is under great stress and riding her bike as fast as she can. This bridge can take her to other places across the country as her mind sees fit. She uses this bridge to find lost items by simply thinking about the item. The bridge does the rest. After her journeys, Vic comes out with the lost item, a very vague recollection of what happened and a doozy of a fever and headache. This goes on for a few years and all is well and good until her bridge leads her to Charlie Manx. You see. Charlie has his own special gift. It’s a 1938 Rolls Royce and the ability to kidnap children to take to Christmasland.

While reading NOS4A2, the lines between reality and delusion are wonderfully murky as the story unfolds. Hill’s characters are rich and vibrant, the dialogue crisp and witty, and the story itself is a blend of The Twilight Zone, his father’s earlier works and maybe even a dash of Clive Barker’s fantasy. It’s a tale that’ll keep you thinking and the last 1/3 is impossible not to devour at a breakneck pace.

4 out of 5 stars.

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