The Beast of Barcroft – Bill Schweigart

What IS the Beast of Barcroft? That is a very good question. And as you continue reading the story, the answer my surprise you. Ben’s fiance dumped him for being an angry nutcase and that he lived next door to a house that is so rat infested, it should’ve been condemened long ago. All ofContinue reading “The Beast of Barcroft – Bill Schweigart”

Interview with author Glenn Rolfe

  Glenn Rolfe is an up and coming horror author from Maine and has recently released his latest (and in my opinion his best) novel Blood and Rain through Samhain Publishing. Blood and Rain shows a progressive maturation in his writing and a ‘coming into his own” that started with his novella Boom Town. WithContinue reading “Interview with author Glenn Rolfe”

Sour Candy – Kealan Patrick Burke

A simple trip to the store to get your girlfriend some candy turns into a nightmare. While perusing through the options in the candy aisle, Phil hears a child screaming a tantrum at the top of his little lungs beside him. The mother looks haggard and dazed, if not physically ill. After making a quickContinue reading “Sour Candy – Kealan Patrick Burke”

Animosity – James Newman

I first discovered James Newman briefly in his excellent werewolf short story, The Virgin O’ Full Moon Falls and I was looking forward to the much hyped Animosity. Let me tell ya, the hype was warranted. Newman delivered and then some. Andy is a successful horor author. He’s a beloved figure on his cul deContinue reading “Animosity – James Newman”