The Houngan – J.N. Williamson

A houngan is a male Voodoo priest. Van Cerf is a divorced father of a twelve-year old boy and unemployed. Van is an advertising writer who has struggled finding satisfaction in his work environment from the various employers he’s had through the years. As a result, he finds himself with bills mounting and his confidenceContinue reading “The Houngan – J.N. Williamson”

Exorcist Road – Jonathan Janz

Jonathan Janz has always been a good writer. With Exorcist Road, Janz has shown that he has evolved into a great writer. Up until now, my favorite story of 2014 was Gord Rollo’s The Jigsaw Man which was absolutely amazing. Well, Mr. Rollo, you now have some company. Exorcist Road is an expertly written scareContinue reading “Exorcist Road – Jonathan Janz”

NOS4A2 – Joe Hill

I finished NOS4A2 just in time for the holidays and Joe Hill gave me a wonderful Xmas present. Hill’s strong suit has always been flawed characters that can carry a story into the world of fantastic and NOS4A2 continues on with that tradition. The tale starts out by introducing us to an 8-year-old Vic (Victoria)Continue reading “NOS4A2 – Joe Hill”

The Girl on the Glider – Brian Keene

An autobiographical short-story that Keene serves up and let’s us see a brief snippet of a painful and haunted period of his life. In what he describes as 99.9% true, Keene relives a painful period of his life where a car accident outside his house claims the life of a young girl. At first, theContinue reading “The Girl on the Glider – Brian Keene”

Morbid Anatomy – Tim Curran

A must read for fans of Lovecraft’s Herbert West – Reanimator or of Stuart Gordon’s wonderful movie adaptation from the 1980s. Haven’t read Lovecraft’s story? No problem. Curran includes that with Morbid Anatomy. Morbid Anatomy is a continuation of Lovecraft’s original story as we follow West to the muddy sludge-filled trenches littered with bloated decomposedContinue reading “Morbid Anatomy – Tim Curran”

Crimson – Gord Rollo

Crimson is a tough one to review for me. After reading Rollo’s fantastic The Jigsaw Man, I couldn’t wait to dive into this one. Out of all the great books that I read in 2014, Jigsaw Man was tied for my absolute favorite. The writing was crisp, the characters were three-dimensional and fully fleshed out,Continue reading “Crimson – Gord Rollo”

Snowblind – Michael McBride

 Snowblind was a fast and furious read. McBride’s tale, of an annual elk hunting trip for four college buddies now pushing towards their forties, is full of atmosphere and paranoia. While hunting, one of the hunters breaks his leg just as a blizzard is dumping foot after foot of the white stuff on the mountain.Continue reading “Snowblind – Michael McBride”

Sparrow Rock – Nate Kenyon

Pete and his high school friends are looking for a place to party. One of he girls in the group, Sue, suggests that they use her grandpa’s newly built bomb shelter. She knows the code to get in. Once inside, a thunderous noise from the outside shakes the shelter. As Pete looks out of theContinue reading “Sparrow Rock – Nate Kenyon”