For a howling good time, join us on Goodreads where we chomp into Glenn Rolfe’s magnificent werewolf tale, Blood and Rain. As a special treat, Glenn himself will be joining us, along the way, to give us his insight into how this masterpiece came together. You won’t want to miss this one! Aaarroooooooo!!—glenn-rolfe?comment=144012842#comment_144012842​

Sour Candy – Kealan Patrick Burke

A simple trip to the store to get your girlfriend some candy turns into a nightmare. While perusing through the options in the candy aisle, Phil hears a child screaming a tantrum at the top of his little lungs beside him. The mother looks haggard and dazed, if not physically ill. After making a quickContinue reading “Sour Candy – Kealan Patrick Burke”

Animosity – James Newman

I first discovered James Newman briefly in his excellent werewolf short story, The Virgin O’ Full Moon Falls and I was looking forward to the much hyped Animosity. Let me tell ya, the hype was warranted. Newman delivered and then some. Andy is a successful horor author. He’s a beloved figure on his cul deContinue reading “Animosity – James Newman”

A Debt To Be Paid – Patrick Lacey

Gillian receives an unusual and mysterious letter in the mail. Soon afterwords, she is stalked by nondescript shadowy figures that don’t quite grab her. Feeling like she’s losing her mind and her husband thinks she needs to be committed, Gillian takes their young daughter away to “escape” the shadowy figures. Twenty years later, her motherContinue reading “A Debt To Be Paid – Patrick Lacey”

Failure – John Everson

Three losers… Cind was cheating her way through high school. Sal couldn’t get a girl and Raymond botched multiple attempts at killing himself. When a mysterious stranger offers Sal the best weed he’s ever smoked if he’ll get two other people to have sex while the stranger watches, he wonders “what’s the catch?” Did theContinue reading “Failure – John Everson”

The Rain Dancers – Greg Gifune

Will returns with Betty to attend his father-in-law’s funeral and settle his estate. While staying at the house on a rainy night, a stranger arrives claiming to be an old friend of Betty and her dad. Although Betty has no recollection of Ed, they let the elderly gentleman in and she soon becomes enchanted byContinue reading “The Rain Dancers – Greg Gifune”

Thumbprint – Joe Hill

A veteran from the Iraqi war comes back to the states to live in the house of her recently deceased father and begins bartending at a local bar. One night she finds a patron passed out in the parking lot and promptly steals the money out of his wallet and the wedding ring off ofContinue reading “Thumbprint – Joe Hill”

Tommy Rotten – Adam Light

Ten years ago, a boy named Tommy disappeared in a pumpkin patch next to the old haunted house at the edge of town. Every year after that, Tommy waits for someone to come into the pumpkin patch at Halloween to be his companion. Is this the year that someone dares to enter the old patchContinue reading “Tommy Rotten – Adam Light”